Tecnalia is the leading private and independent research and technology organisation in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, with expertise in materials development and thin-film processing. Tecnalia will be in charge of leading the magnetron sputtering processing of thin-film battery components, particularly the processing of cathode and optimization of the cathode/electrolyte interface. Besides, Tecnalia will participate performing the screening of high voltage cathode formulations. Moreover, Tecnalia will work on the improvement of the low defect control process.

Mr. Alberto GarcĂ­a-Luis is graduate in Chemistry by the Basque Country University (UPV), Spain in 1986. He started working in INASMET, in 1980 in the Surface Engineering Department. From 2005 he was the head of the Materials and Components Department of the Energy Unit of INASMET. From 2011 he is leading the group of Materials for Energy Storage of TECNALIA. With experience in the field of surface engineering and energy conversion devices (fuel cells, batteries, electrolysers). Coordinator of several national and European projects. Author of several scientific journal articles and patents.