Gencoa Ltd is an SME with long track record in magnetron sputtering and technological plasmas. Gencoa is global leader in technology and manufacturing of magnetron sputtering and ion beam sources for a wide spectrum of applications with many years of experience in the vacuum surface engineering and technology field. Gencoa is also one of the 2 companies with the largest worldwide experience in industrial implementation of reactive feedback control for magnetron sputtering processes, and will be in charge of leading the process control for thin-film full cells. Besides, Gencoa will participate performing the optimization of the magnetron sputtering processes: simulations and method selection.

Mr. Víctor Bellido-González is R&D Manager at Gencoa Ltd (based in Liverpool, UK) since 1996. BSc (Hons) in Chemistry (Basque Country University, Spain, 1987). 24 years experience in Thin Film Technology. Several publications in the field of Inorganic Chemistry, Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition (PACVD) and Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) with several International Patents. Main current activities are in the areas of Plasma Source development, manufacturing and Process Control. Ample experience in national and EU projects.