SSC NanoSpace is a small innovative company with focus on MEMS-based products for space applications. SSC NanoSpace’s relevant experience to undertake the tasks assigned in this project is based upon its know-how from developing novel space products and also from direct involvement in some of the cornerstone space missions in Sweden and Europe. The PRISMA satellite (demonstrating advanced formation flying) and SMART-1 (Europe’s first mission to the Moon) are two examples. Besides, SSC NanoSpace will be in charge of leading the validation for space applicability of the battery. Moreover, SSC NanoSpace will participate in the studies of the full cell integration with MEMS devices. SSC NanoSpace‘s vision is to become a recognized supplier of novel space qualified products based on innovative thinking and solid knowledge of both MEMS and space industry. SSC NanoSpace owns about 15 patents and is certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

Ms. Ana Zaldivar Salaverri is Development Engineer at NanoSpace AB since 2011. She is responsible for the requirements engineering, mechanical design and analysis and environmental testing in this project. During her time at NanoSpace she has implemented the mechanical design and analysis of NanoSpace component housings and propulsion subsystems. She has also been in charge of the environmental testing of such products (vibration, shock and thermal cycling). She has been actively involved in several EU and ESA projects.