MONBASA is a European project aiming to develop a novel energy storage system for small satellites (nano-/microsatellites) that outperforms existing solutions on various levels. To be applicable and competitive, the novel solution will have to respond to specific needs as:

  1. high energy efficiency and density,
  2. small size and low weight,
  3. high reliability,
  4. compliance with safety regulations and existing standards, and
  5. high cost-efficiency.

Worldwide nanosatellite launches increase year on year, for a growing set of applications and services, evidencing the need for further research and innovation in the field of energy storage, which is one of the crucial components when it comes to improving and widening small satellites performance and applications.

The MONBASA consortium comprises Research and Technology Organizations (RTO) and experienced SMEs, and will be complemented by further experts in the fields of energy storage on the one hand and micro-battery manufacturers, space applications, safety, standards and regulations on the other hand.

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High energy efficiency and density

Small size and low weight

High reliability

Compliance with existing standards and regulation

High cost-efficiency



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